Synapta, a recently formed not-for-profit community interest company (CIC), has been created with the aim of drawing together a current understanding and practice on digital health workflow, process and clinical decision support. 

Anyone will be able to offer contribution towards and make use of the Synapta resources. We're doing this to develop a way of achieving workflow interoperability between systems and domains of health and social care using an open and common approach, independent of specific implementation technologies. We aim to addresses a gap in the open, digital health landscape which will become increasingly relevant as interoperability and open data standards becomes better established. 
Our current definition for Synapta's intended activity is to produce: 

  • Open, interoperable and computable resources for clinical knowledge, process and workflow. 
Everyone is busy, but it's a gradual start and will take time to do; once the initial groundwork has been laid, we hope to produce genuinely useful output. We're hoping for an open, flexible consensus on how to achieve something of value and of most benefit to patients, clinicians and contemporary clinical systems design. We are hoping to hold our first event ('Synaptathon') in September 2016.

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