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The “Active Exeter - Heartbeat SW” Community to be formed from local GP’s and patient participation groups, all within each local area supported by Active Exeter.


The overall inactivity and lack of the movement of the Nation’s population has created a widespread of medical disorders that costs the country, not only financially but also in its overall well-being, this community supported by a “Heartbeat Hub” intends to reverse that trend. We believe that the cost of creating this real-life incentive for people to better their lives by improving their health, physical and mental, would easily be out-weighed by the long-term savings across the whole of the NHS.

Our “Heartbeat Community” ideally will expand into a nationwide competition based within each GP practice in the UK. We would like all GP practices and health centres to support their patients on their road to fitness by signing up to a nationwide competition whereby each patient contributes to their regional performance by measuring all exercise activity, for example recording distance moved (walking, running, cycling and swimming to create the first real-time record of activity and provide a vehicle to engage everybody; old and young alike.  The collective distances covered by practice patients will automatically be recorded by the “Heartbeat Hub” and national and regional leader board’s set-up to represent the most active region. By engaging local characters and/or celebrities to demonstrate participation, the “Heartbeat Hub” will highlight the best and most inspirational examples of improved health and well being across all ages and genders. We will have intermediate progress report videos from volunteers and "call to arms" reminders to patients to take an active part in the “Heartbeat” programme.

The technology used will have an open API and will specify access to all of the information and present it in a simple, data-friendly format, the data being held in a secure environment dedicated to the “Heartbeat Hub”. This data will be held centrally and each areas local enthusiasts would be able to expand the application using the public API granted to them. Creating a raft of targeted relevant App’s to benefit the whole programme.

In Active Exeter we will have a “Heartbeat Community Connector” (HCC) role to act as a liaison between the local community, healthy initiatives like; gyms, health groups, exercise, sports clubs and schools to support the IT integration using the NHS Spine interface API as the unique patient identifier within each practice. The HCC would provide the data analysis from the Heartbeat Hub to justify and corroborate the expansion of the challenge within the community. In the long term, our aspiration for the HCC role would be to have it recognised as a vocational qualification with full accreditation through a national body and be in place in every region.

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