Cancer Pathways

When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, their world is turned upside down. They are often bombarded with paper-based information and signposted to generic websites, without clear guidance of what relates to them. Throughout the ongoing patient journey, information delivery is often patchy and limited by physician time.  This has been formally acknowledged in the 2014 National Cancer Patient Survey, which reported that patient information provision is often suboptimal.

Provision of high quality, consistent and easily accessible information is vital in the management of cancer patients. As a solution, we have developed a prototype web-based application that provides clear and accessible personalised patient information.

The prototype is a password-protected web-based application, connected to the patient visit history. Personalised information and data e-cards can be developed, accessed and uploaded centrally at any time for patient review by the identified clinical team. This can include treatment information, contact details, letters, treatment summaries, photos and web-links. The App is functional regardless of mobile device and has strict access controls for privacy and security. All content is updated real-time with the latest version for all end users. The patient interface is simple and intuitive and can be adapted for use by other departments.

There are currently no other existing applications which support personalised patient information delivery including patient letters and consultation summaries that are linked directly to the timeline of the patient journey.

A demo of Pathways can be viewed below:

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