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Innovative digital solutions begin with understanding people's needs and ensuring everyone can participate in their creation. Code4Health hosts a range of communities who bring together anyone with a shared interest across all aspects of digital care. Communities start small and continuously improve using real experiences to inform decisions, building upon it's membership, adding like minded people who understand and can help make informed technology decisions.

Communities can be created around a specific topic, solution or a locality, Code4Health encourages and supports communities to run a range of physical and virtual events and activities. Specialist communities can relate to a particular area of care, a specific project or any other topic where there is a demand from the broader Code4Health community. Local communities can be established at whatever geographical scope their members think is helpful, but will typically be aligned with local health and care communities or city/regions.

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Communities & Projects

Name Description Stage Community Website(s) Case Study Social Git Location Key Words
Endeavour Health Collaborative

The long term aim of the endeavour Health Collaborative is to enable all citizens of the UK to have access to a personalised care planning and management system. In the medium term, the aim is to enable all systems in health and social care to interoperate with each other, including patient health applications integrating with health service applications. The collaborative has been set up by the Endeavour Health charitable Trust

Beta integration, engine, interoperability,FHIR, standards, patient, record, applications REST, API
End of Life Care

As a community, we are aiming to improve the ways in which people can manage and influence their own care, treatment and support towards the end of their life. We believe that, by developing better tools to share information between health and care professionals, carers and patients,we can help to ensure that the patient feels informed and in control of the care that is given to them.

Design patient, end, life, ReSPECT
Project PEACH

Platform for Enhanced Analytics and Computational Healthcare (PEACH). PEACH is a unique collaboration between the Computer Sciences Department at University College London (UCL) and University College London Hospitals (UCLH), investigating the overlap of traditional healthcare, IT and data sciences. The founders are Dr. Dean Mohamedally from UCL and Dr. Navin Ramachandran from UCLH.

Beta patient, cancer, hololens, openEHR, analysing, analytics, reports
Patient Related Outcome Measures (PROMs)

HealthTRaK - an open source platform for recording and analysing PROMs

Beta patient, related, outcome, measures, PROMs, analysing, analytics, reports

The Pharmacy Code4Health community seeks to generate innovation and opportunities at the intersection of healthcare, pharmacy expertise and digital technology. The use of medicines and information about medicines are the most common health care interventions in the NHS and digital technology is reshaping every aspect of our lives; this is an opportunity for pharmacy community to help create the digital health care future.

Design patient, pharmacy
Ripple OSI

Ripple is a clinically led team working to build an integrated digital care record platform for today and the future. Open source, open standards and underpinned by an open architecture that can be used worldwide. The flexible nature of the approach and technology allows it to be adopted and then adapted to meet the specific needs of a particular health and care system. This platform based approach can meet a variety of needs, from small departments up to regional care records.

Production platform, open source, integrated, interoperability, openEHR
Training Improvement

Working with Code4Health and first year students from UCL Department of Computer Science, we aim to produce a measurable improvement in the standard of Trauma & Orthopaedic (T&O) training by gathering feedback by text from the trainees, then supplying weekly collated group feedback to those hospitals training them

Alpha training, improvement, measures, trauma, orthopeadic, feedback
Cancer Pathways

Pathways is a web application that aims to make it easier for patients to access information about their symptoms and treatment, helping them make informed decisions about treatment options, increasing their understanding of their medical condition and helping reduce their anxiety and confusion about the future.

Beta Cancer, Pathway, Oncology, Guys, Macmillan
Mental Health Chatbot & NLP Enabled Triage

A chat bot developed to show Mental Health Clinicians the art of what is possible in the area of chatbot development. The bot was designed in consultation with UK Mental Health Clinicians, and follows NICE guidelines.

Beta Mind, ChatBot, Mental, Health

Led by the Yorkshire and Humber Strategic Clinical Network (SCN) the Code4Health Dementia Community are very keen to develop a diagnosis protocol for advanced dementia in the form of an app to support health care professionals in care home settings. The team have undertaken App in a Day training and have produced a prototype app based on the DIADEM tool using LiveCode.

Production dementia, diadem, assessment
Human Five

A person-centred, human-centred healthcare system based on five key areas Mind, Movement, Nutrition, Body, World

Beta Mind, Movement, Nutrition, Body, World, Human
Mental Health Mobile App

Students over at UCL have developed a Mental Health Mobile application alongside Code4Health North East Community group. North Tyneside CCG identified that it was difficult for patients and carers to access mental health services and guidance in the area due to disparate information and number of MH providers. The app was designed to help users manage their own condition and offer advice and guidance to help elevate some of the sigma behind this condition.

Alpha North Tyneside, CCG, ChatBot, Mental, Health, Providers, App, patient, condition, self
End of Life App

We live in a society that makes it difficult to think and talk about death. This application has all of the information that someone would need to ensure everything is in palce before the end of your life. Everything in the app is easily accessible, from interactive menu's to take you to your desired chapter, to downloadable forms to print off and fill out at home. This application was built in Ionic and runs on both iOS and Android.

Alpha North Tyneside, death, end of life, information, pathway, ionic, ios, android, forms, interactive.
North East Falls App

Pressures on the NHS combined with a growth in the aging population, technological solutions need to be found to help with self management. This project developed a user-friendly, cross-platform medical mobile application which provides intuitive information on falls as well as providing appropriate user-risk assessments to help strengthen patient-doctor liaison for NHS North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group. This amenable app was developed using the Ionic framework for iOS and Android devices.

Alpha North Tyneside, iOS, Android, self-management, App, patient, condition, falls, cross-platform, medical mobile application, ionic framework
Fistula App

Fistula app is designed for NHS Dialysis patients and clinicians, enabling patients to capture images and upload observations. These records can be viewed via portal by clinicians. The app provides an effortless and uer-friendly environment for patients to use, as well as improving the efficiency of diagnosis.

Alpha North Tyneside, dialysis, patient, clinician, observations, image capture, UCL, ionic, iOS, angularjs, js, Android, portal
Young Carers App

A young carer is a young person aged 5-25 who has caring responsibility for a family member, friend of neighbour. The Young Carers App, is an application that provides essential information about being a young carer, including coping mechanisms, the carers centre and parents and guardians advice. The app also contains vlogs from other young carers, receipes and cooking tips, game suggestions to relax, extra info on fun palces to go and free things that young carers can access. Young carers can also create and login to accounts to access custom calendars and a profile area.

Alpha North Tyneside, young carer, app, vlogs, support, carers centre, coping mechanisms, calendar, profile, information
Whats the Plan - Open Care Plan Community

‘What’s The Plan’ and the Open Care Plan Community aims to enable people, carers and care providers to view and interact with their agreed Care Plans electronically.

Alpha Care Plan, Management, Platform, Local Needs, Interoperable, Interoperability, Government, location, locations, carer, care providers
Open eObs

The Open eObs community has an aim of improving patient care and outcomes by identifying, preventing and reducing patient deterioration. The community, through its members and contributors aims to identify the standards, requirements and product roadmap for a leading open electronic observation solution available to all and to commission the development and custodianship for a single open solution for improved patient outcomes.

Production NEWS2, NEWS, observation, nursing, deteriorating, deterioration, sepsis, nurses, ward, therapeutic

Our aim is to explore the potential for open source CRM use across the NHS. We plan to look at the requirements of such a system and develop a mature CRM product set for use in the NHS

Production patient, CRM, customer, relationship, management

openEHR (openehr.org) is an international not-for-profit project which has a key aim of engaging the clinical community to develop shared, open source, models of health information e.g "What is a blood pressure?" "What do we need to say about allergies?". These can then be used directly with in health apps and systems, to underpin an 'open platform' approach to eHealth.

Production openEHR, open, standards, clinical, data, respository, templatem model, modelling, clincians, CDR, information

Open Odonto is a community interest company created to stimulate the production of open source software solutions for dental services.

Beta patient, dentist, dentistry, community,

Our aim is to develop open source video-consultation software that connects patients with their clinician, and clinicians with fellow clinicians on demand and using the device of choice. You can now get involved in the latest web enabled real time communication (webRTC) which is being rapidly developed within Ripple to showcase telehealth functionality, in collaboration with Code4Health and the Apperta Foundation.

Alpha patient, telemedicine, webRTC, video, consultation,

OPENeP is an open source ePMA solution built on an open standards, vendor-neutral health data repository, Think!EHR PlatformTM, and is a first of type implementation for the NHS.

Production prescribing esprescribing, meds, meds management, medicine, meds administration, inpatient, outpatient, mental health, acute

OpenEyes is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) application for ophthalmology, which enables clinicians to access information they need about their patients in one place

Production electronic health record, EHR, opthalmology
Paracetamol Pathways

Paracetamol pathways is a web application that improves the accuracy of the calculations and decisions points during the assessment and treatment of paracetamol overdose.

Alpha Paracetamol, Pathway, Medicine, Assessment, overdose, care, Jquery, JQueryUI

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