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Aims Long term aim: To enable all citizens of the UK to have access to a personalised care planning and management system. Medium term aim: To enable all systems in health and social care to interoperate with each other, including patient health applications integrating with health service applications. The collaborative has been set up by the Endeavour Health charitable Trust www.endeavourhealth.org and the charity provides funding and technology to the collaborative.

Projects Major Projects: Integration Engine: An open source platform to integrate care systems at local level, between localities, and national level for direct and indirect care. It consists of a set of Java based technologies organised as a set of services to provide point to point messaging, publication and subscription, common resource persistence, pull and push interfaces, data sharing agreement management, patient and data controller consent. The technology is uses REST APIs, FHIR operations and FHIR messages as the primary interfacing standards, with legacy system adaptors for incumbent system interfaces and data persistence as archetypes. Currently in build phase and available for testing for all and source code access now. Sub-Project As a sub-project of the above, and in the build phase, an integration engine available as a set of components or a service that provides a common set of standardised interfaces that provide read and write facilities into the current major GP systems and extending to other systems.

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Website: http://www.endeavourhealth.org

Community Lead: Dr David Stables

Community Lead Email: David.Stables@EndeavourHealth.org