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Leigh Hackspace is an inclusive shared workspace for makers, artists, creators, 'hackers', crafters, designers, fixers, geeks and nerds from Leigh and the entire North West UK area. Hackspaces aim to provide workspace, inspiration, equipment, ideas, support, training and even materials for 'hacking' with, as well as great coffee, a community spirit and a 'can-do' atmosphere. As we developed we realised that a number of our existing members were already active in various Health IT communities including Code4Health, NHS Hack Day and in our professional lives, and we felt therefore that we could combine the benefits of the Hackspace environment with the Code4Health approach to developing computer literacy skills in clinicians and other NHS staff.

We are located at Unit F1, The Cotton Mill, Mather Lane, Leigh, Lancashire, WN7 2PW. Phone: 07747600617

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Website: http://www.leighhack.org/

Community Lead: Marcus Baw

Community Lead Email: marcusbaw@gmail.com