Free D Path

The Free D Path community has been created to enable those interested in Free D Path software to come together and share ideas. We plan to: 

  • Add 38 additional specialist reporting proformas based on the Royal College of Pathologists minimum cancer datasets. 
  • Enhance the existing COSD XML export functionality to include all pathology data items as specified in the Information Standard. 
  • Thoroughly test this new functionality over several NHS sites.
  • Release the enhanced open source Free D Path software under a GPL3 license, before January 2016. 
  • To enhance the existing open source Free D Path software to enable structured proforma based reporting of all the RC Path cancer datasets 
  • To develop XML extracts to meet the Cancer Outcomes and Services Dataset Information Standard specification for pathology data submissions. 
  • To make the software available to all pathology departments in the UK 
  • To further develop the Open Pathology C.I.C. (community interest group) that has recently been founded by Taunton and Somerset NHS Trust. 

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