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This community would like to explore the demand for integration of open source Electronic Document Management systems, Digital Pathology Systems, Picture Archiving and Communications Systems and additional systems as they become available, with a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) based enterprise / regional content management and viewing system - OpenHybridVNA for the NHS, through delivery of an agile Proof of Concept that can be showcased using a demonstrator platform to clinicians and management in order to gain commitment for a community of interest, funding and commercial partner involvement.
Deliverables & Milestones 

1. A horizon scan of the VNA and related marketplace and documentation of this. 
2. The integration of OpenHybridVNA via leveraging existing open source and proprietary APIs, frameworks, messaging systems, RBAC and integration standards via a) a central assurance mechanism (e.g. HANDI HOPD / other via Code4Health) and b) local / regional medical content management workflows. 
3. Co-ordination of activity to showcase the proof of concept by 2016. 
4. Attendance at activities to demonstrate and showcase the proof of concept as part of the Code4Health programme. 
5. Technical support for demonstrations and individual NHS Trust meetings by members of the community. 

Quality Standards 

1. Industry standards shall be used for messaging, information governance and security. 
2. If deployed in a live environment the system should comply with patient data safety standard ISB 0129 - Patient Safety Risk Management System - Manufacture of Health Software, and other standards as appropriate. 
3. With regard to a hosted service the service should be compliant with the standards and guidance for clinical safety as covered by ISB 0160. 
4. The system shall comply with all trust requirements with regard to successfully completing user acceptance testing prior to deployment in a live environment. 
5. All open source components published under a recognised Open Source Initiative (OSI) licence and made freely available for download. The community could potentially incorporate Greater Manchester AHSN and optionally a further 8 trusts in the region.

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