Healthcare Data Analytics

The aim of the Healthcare data analytics community is to support clinical quality and service improvement, driven by analysis of patient data. It will do this by helping the clinical community develop and share the expertise needed, and provide them with the tools to safely use potentially sensitive or identifiable patient data.


The Healthcare data analytics community will provide support and educational resources to clinicians and medical students. This will focus on the value of clinical data analytics, an essential understanding of health informatics issues needed for health analytics, and help them get hands on with openly available techniques for statistical data analytics using suitable training data sets.

Shared expertise:

The community will manage a library of data analysis pipelines created and shared by members, for re-use throughout the community under open source licenses.


The development of a capability in skills should be matched by a robust information governance framework that enables the use of analytical tools on real clinical data sets, in an appropriately secured environment. The community will look at approaches to pseudonymisation, issues surrounding sharing of data sets, and the provision of analytical tools within existing secure environments. 

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