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The complexity of test result communication is well documented in academic literature. Key points include: 

  • Communication of test results is central in ensuring timely and appropriate care. 
  • General Practice has identified that the handling of results is one of the top 10 risks for patient safety with an estimated ⅓ of abnormal results not reported back to patients. 
  • The risk of missing results is evident, especially when patients are told “no news is good news” which has implications for clinicians’ professional indemnity and health services as businesses. 
  • The number of patient tests ordered is expected to rise over time. 

Our primary aim is to improve the way patients receive test results and to provide them with useful information about what the result means.

Have a look at the video below to find out more:

In addition, we are setting out to: 

  • Reduce the time it takes for a patient to get a test result. 
  • Decrease the number of phone calls into primary care for test results. 
  • Decrease the number of face-to-face appointments made to give normal results. 
  • Decrease the risk of missing results. 

 As a result of making such improvements, we anticipate indirect health outcomes such as: improved patient self-efficacy and earlier intervention. We know this is a complex task and so we are working with local health professionals and patients to make improvements for all involved in result communication.

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