Mental Health Chatbot & NLP Enabled Triage

The following bot was developed to show Mental Health Clinicians the art of what is possible in the area of chatbot development.

The bot was designed in consultation with UK Mental Health Clinicians, and follows NICE guidelines

Prior to the existence of the bot, the lack of free text responses to important questions in such questionnaire like: why people are presenting, what has triggered a presentation, what is its effect / affect, did little to inform a clinicians view of a person’s mental health. ​

Swift identification of suicidal ideation language is now possible via NLP and Affective computing tools in the the tool which can be used to inform triage.

Web Chat

Skype, Facebook Messenger, SMS

The MhtBot is also available via:

Please note that MhtBot on Facebook Messenger is currently only available to designated testers.

Data Collection

The MhtBot stores user information. This data is available at the MhtBot: Data website. Please note that this project is under development and all data collected is currently publically available - future development will restrict data to relevant healthcare providers and give user's access only to their own data.


The videos below show a number of examples of the bots use and responses...

Example of Anxiety Assessment

Example Depression Assessment

Review Of Chatbot Responses

Service User Triage Using Chatbot Responses