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Meeting of Minds (MoM) is a group of patients with mental health, physical health and co-morbidities from all ages, backgrounds and abilities who found that they had to create innovations for themselves to be able to get better and lead their care, treatment and well-being. Their experience of the interventions produced by others did not offer the benefits they wanted or needed, or that created improvement and sustainability in use.

Therefore Meeting of Minds created the collaboration (MoMC) to bring together representative stakeholders from all from public and private industry to facilitate and enable patients to lead their care, treatment and well-being and innovations that create Quality Improvements.

MoMC is a Code4Health Community (based in London but willing to collaborate anywhere) that brings all stakeholders together from the Patient, Business and Political Pathways to understand each other and co-produce sustainable applications to reduce cost and increase effectiveness for all.

The members of Meeting of Minds are patient specialists in user experience based design, co-production and knowledge transfer who work with collaborators and stakeholders within MoMC bringing expertise in data collection and analysis, feedback from sensors, interventions, therapies and creating scalable products.

MoMC developed a series of ‘works in progress’ Labs with delivery channels where you can create, test and show your applications as well as a series of projects that might stimulate your interest or fit with your current needs. More importantly we welcome ideas and projects that you have or want to create and will work with you to develop quality improvement and systems that are practical and sustainable for you to take back into your workplace.

The MoMC Labs provide a co-existent system where innovations can be created and tested either in our own premises or in those of collaborators and clients.

The Labs are designed to deliver understanding and innovation ideas within an open platform environment where technology can be produced and augmented to create new and reinforced user habits to and sustainability.

MoMC has developed the Code4Health platform to create coding within a sandboxed working environment. By combining the building of computers to run the code, connected feedback sources (such as clinical and wearable sensors) to produce interventions we can show how an innovation works, create an improvement that can be worked on for delivery and learn within an environment that mirrors the workplace. We have taken the “coding in a day” idea and added if required, the building of small computers like the Raspberry Pi, the use of digital technology, such as sensors and wearables, and the delivery of interventions to create a potential Quality Improvement outcomes. This may take more than a day but will create better learning and an interoperable environment where ideas can be tested before embedding elsewhere.

MoMC has been selected to participate in the NHS Test Beds of the most innovative organisations. Being patient led we bring patients into the co-design, the co-production of systems and new technologies in a co-existent eco-system to ensure their effectiveness. This mirrors the Code4Health Programme ethos creating stronger results and delivery.

The NHS Test Beds programme is combinatorial and links Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) with innovators such as MoMC within NHS Organisations. We provide the opportunity to combine different technologies with innovations, look at how services are delivered in the NHS and will support a number of test beds within the NHS. The NHS have selected the most compelling innovations, offering the greatest potential value for patients and taxpayers, and will be marrying them up to NHS Organisations with needs that can be addressed by the innovators. This will lead to lean business principles and create lean health and care systems that are effective, sustainable and scalable.

You can join with like-minded people in the MoMC Code4Health community, learn to code (write software), explore the resources in the emerging open health and care ecosystem, build apps, computers and link them to sensors and interventions and test your ideas.

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