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Newham CCG is one of few CCG's with 62 practices on Emisweb, all hospitals on Cerner and Mental Health on RIO. We aim to connect all local EPRs together to create a paperless NHS. Newham CCG aims to become paperless by 2017 at least one year before the national target for the NHS. 

We are keen to work with local providers of health and social care to create a community to improve the use of IT to support the following aims: 
  • Patient centred Communication Tools 
  • Reducing use of paper 
  • Improving quality of care 
  • Supporting patients with u to date health care information 
  • Using technology to reduce quality variation 
We have worked in a number of projects with the University of East London Business School and Well London - National Lottery funded and UCLP to use digital technology in improving patient care. We realise that what is needed a community collaborative approach to sharing and developing IT skills. We are exploring the development of a series of apps for patients and health workers to further our aims.

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