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The North East Code4health Community Team will work with a number of organisations across the North East including: Sunderland CCG, City Hospitals Sunderland, Sunderland University, North Tyneside CCG, AHSN, Newcastle University, South Tyneside Foundation Trust, Sunderland City Council, Age Uk, Carers Centre Sunderland, Newcastle and Gateshead CCG, Newcastle Hospitals, Northumbria Healthcare and many more.

We meet 3 to 4 times per year at different locations around the North East to look at the latest apps on the market as well as sharing local best practice.  We would like to have a complement of technical and non-technical people who can develop apps from ideas from the community.  Ideally throwing a challenge to our technical team members to build us no techie’s an app!  We also hold learning events.

We would like to use the community skills and tools to develop a portfolio of useful and 'safe' apps for the region to support the self-care theme and empower our patients to live well which can then be shared throughout the health economy.

Although we are based in the North East we would welcome anyone to join our community group and contribute to our forum discussions and future events.


Young Carers App – Chris Ranson and Nick Ainslee – Sunderland Carers Centre

The team are working with a small user group from Sunderland Young Carers to create an app designed for young carers. Our young carers have put forwards lots of ideas of what they want to include this will range from sign posting, out of hours contact details to social media to offer peer support to others.

Florence App – Phil O’Connell, Simple Florence, Rachael Forbister, Sunderland CCG and Marc Rice, North Tyneside CCG

The Florence app will focus of on aspects of self-care and offer lots of advice and guidance on current long term conditions provided by Florence to self-help videos performed by local clinicians to help patients out with tips and techniques.

Everything in Place - End of Life App – Louise Johnson, St Cuthbert’s care and Rachael Forbister, Sunderland CCG

The ‘Everything in place app’ provides comprehensive information on making sure everything is in place towards then end of someone’s life. The content includes all the different aspects of the end of life including Wills, legal aspects, Care, Funerals and organ donation. The app will also include a video from the developer of the content and useful printable documents to capture key information.

Mental Health App – Marc Rice, North Tyneside CCG

The mental health app was suggested by NTCCG’s patient forum members to offer advice and guidance on a range of mental health issues. Mental Health advice and support can be difficult source as it is managed by a range of services and guidance can be thinly spread we hope to bring all of this information together to make things easier for patients.

Renal Fistula App – Saeed Ahmed, City Hospitals Sunderland

The fistula app will record the outcome of the look, listen and feel of fistula’s for renal patients. The app will have the ability to capture pictures which will be archived for review purposes. This will help identify and reduce infection making it much easier to manage.

Renal Kids information app – Imran Ahmed, City Hospitals Sunderland, Yincent Tse, Great North Children’s Hospital

The app will provide essential information to families with babies around the treatment, tests and advice on renal treatment for their child. This will link to the great resource, infokid, which will provide some of the content of the app. Information currently in leaflets which can be lost will be easily downloadable with the app.

Community Updates

Mental Health Mobile App

Jan 19, 2018


Students over at UCL have developed a Mental Health Mobile application alongside Code4Health North East Community group. North Tyneside CCG identified that it was difficult for patients and carers to access mental health services and guidance in the area due to disparate information and number of MH providers. The app was designed to help users manage their own condition and offer advice and guidance to help elevate some of the sigma behind this condition.

Future Plans

Extract code from Ionic framework and publish.

North East Falls App

Jan 19, 2018


Pressures on the NHS combined with a growth in the aging population, technological solutions need to be found to help with self management. This project developed a user-friendly, cross-platform medical mobile application which provides intuitive information on falls as well as providing appropriate user-risk assessments to help strengthen patient-doctor liaison for NHS North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group. This amenable app was developed using the Ionic framework for iOS and Android devices.

Future Plans

Looking on extracting code from Ionic platform and publish

Fistula App

May 03, 2017


Future Plans

Look to develop further and roll out

Get Involved

Come to a group session.

Everything in place - End of Life App

May 03, 2017


Future Plans

Look to roll app out and funding opportunities

Get Involved

Come along to one of the group sessions

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