The Open Eobs has an aim of improving patient care and outcomes by identifying, preventing and reducing patient deterioration. The community, through its members and contributors will aim to identify the standards, requirements and product roadmap for a leading open electronic observation solution available to all and to commission the development and custodianship for a single open solution for improved patient outcomes. The Open eObs Community aims to;
  • Provide leadership through highlighting best practice and providing support and guidance to organisations wishing to undertake an electronic observation, transformational project
  • To act in the role of a custodian of the product, producing specifications, commissioning developments and agreeing enhancements produced by the community.
Documents produced the community are linked below;

Community Updates

LiveObs Community - LiveObs Update

Dec 09, 2016


The LiveObs Community ran a Webinar on 9th December 2016, which provided an overview of the community supported, LiveObs  application. The Webinar covered key observation features such as;

  • Clinical: Nursing Observations (e.g NEWS etc), GSC, Blood Products, Observations in a mental health setting
  • Safety: Observation scheduling, patient deterioration detection
  • Operational: Shift Management, Ward Management and Shift Handover

A full list of features can be seen

A video of the webinar can be found here. The slide pack can be found here.

Following the demonstration, the Webinar host, Dr Adrian Burke, supported by BJSS, answered some of your questions.

Future Plans

The LiveObs Community will run a further Webinar to answer your questions and hear your feedback. The date for this is to be determined, but please check back regularly to find out more, or sign up to the community to be emailed about it.

If you have any questions for the community leads, why not email us at

Get Involved

We are always looking for more community members to get involved, your input is important to determining the future roadmap for LiveObs.

Also, any questions you might wish to answer for any future webinars, please send us an email to

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