The OpenEyes™ Foundation is a not-for-profit charity which has been set up to ensure that the future development of OpenEyes™ continues to meet the very highest clinical standards. 
The aim of the OpenEyes™ Foundation is to oversee the rapid and continuous development and promote OpenEyes™ (the software and its solutions), whilst channelling any revenue and income back into the product. 
The core activities of the OpenEyes™ Foundation include: 
  • Marshalling the OpenEyes™ community via charitable membership of the Foundation 
  • Arbitrating on Open Data standards to ensure OpenEyes™ maximizes it Open Source philosophy 
  • Being the key commissioner of OpenEyes™ development for the wider community 
  • Managing the OpenEyes™ public (GPL) and commercial licenses 
  • Managing and protecting OpenEyes™’ intellectual property 
Encouraging involvement of non-commercial organisations OpenEyes™ has been led by Moorfields Eye Hospital but much of the code creation and requirements definition has been undertaken by a community of developers and clinicians, all of whom share the same vision of wanting to create an effective and widely used EMR system. Continuing this development under the guidance of a charitable, not for profit body is an essential part of our collaborative, public service ethos.

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