Our aim is to develop open source video-consultation software that connects patients with their clinician, and clinicians with fellow clinicians on demand and using the device of choice.  

You can now get involved in the latest web enabled real time communication (webRTC) which is being rapidly developed within Ripple to showcase telehealth functionality, in collaboration with Code4Health and the Apperta Foundation.  This open source video consultation software has endless opportunities for use across the health system from GPs communicating directly with patients at home, to multi-disciplinary teams from around a city meeting to discuss patient’s needs.  Currently the clinically led open source webRTC offers voice, video and text functionality. 

Code4Health and Ripple want to work with the community to ensure it meets the needs so please get involved.  Ripple is building an open integrated care platform that meets the needs of 21stCentury care and telehealth is a big step on this journey.

The software is open for all, available for any NHS staff member or patient to use.

Below are some screenshots of the work progressed to date, you can also view a sample of the software here.  We will pull together a short video soon.  In the meantime if you want to know more please do contact

Clinician View

Patient View

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