Code4Health has continued to grow and evolve over the last five years. We couldn’t continue our work without the input from our communities and backing from our supporters.

Our values recognise the importance of everyone involved and explains what we should expect from each other:

  • Listen to each other, we will respond to issues raised by communities and supporters and will include your ideas and suggestions in our own discussions.
  • Don't presume to know the value of others. Everyone’s ideas, skills, and contributions have equal value.
  • Find ways for everyone involved to be productive with their skills and energy.
  • Communities and supporters will aim to solve a problem once, building solutions that are based on open standards, released free and open source, are interoperable and to remove all barriers, commercial and technical that may prevent the solutions from being used across the entire health and care landscape.
  • Work to ensure that communities and supporters are well-represented in the planning, design, and implementation of solutions.
  • Actively involve community groups and those with subject matter expertise in the decision-making process.
  • We will improve. We will never stop reviewing and revising our ways of working to reflect changes in health and care, changes in the ways in which people use data, technology or because there is a better way of doing things to improve outcomes.
  • Keep everyone informed about the work of communities and supporters to promote collaboration and innovation.
  • When there is a difference of opinion, communities and supporters will show courtesy and respect during their conversations with each other and with the Code4Health Team.

Thank you for helping Code4Health to become a thriving place to engage with health and care communities and organisations making it the success it is today.

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