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‘What’s The Plan’ and the Open Care Plan Community aims to enable people, carers and care providers to view and interact with their agreed Care Plans electronically. The inspiration was one patient’s challenging journey across multiple boroughs, hospitals and specialist providers over 24 hours, where having a care plan scribbled in their carer’s diary proved to be the only available record of what the consultant had earlier set out. We decided that in the 21st Century this wasn’t acceptable and things must change. A range of existing Care Plan structures and formats have evolved for local needs over many years, many of which still reside as paper documentation in patient homes, and community accommodation. Reaching a safe and effective position where an open, interoperable digital care plan offers meaningful use to all practitioners and people, irrespective of care pathway, is a key enabler for delivering on the 5 Year Forward View. The benefits the development of a shared digital care plan creates are diverse and wide ranging. This Community aims to deploy a mechanism that is sympathetic to the needs of the citizen, their family, carers and the range of health and social care professions. Traditionally a single care plan has consistently failed to support all care scenarios; and supplier solutions are not universally accepted. An open care management platform that is able to respond to each care scenario and alter its behaviour quickly and safely to emerging needs can address this situation.”

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