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Code4Health is an initiative supported by NHS England and NHS Digital to enable the best use of digital tools and technology to deliver safe, high quality, efficient and compassionate care. We aim to educate and inform all participants in the health and care community: citizens, patients, carers, health, care and digital professionals about the possibilities digital technologies provide and equip them with the tools, knowledge and skills to collaborate to develop and implement high quality digital solutions.

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You can join with like minded people in our communities, learn some code and discover how apps are created, explore the resources across the open health and care ecosystem, build apps and test your ideas.

Code4Health provides a home for the increasing number of open source projects providing software suitable for use in health and care. You can learn about these projects, try the software, discover how you can use it in your organisation, participate in the design and development of the software or start a project of your own.


The Code4Health Platform. Provides a simulated environment in which you can explore the resources you will find in the emerging open digital health and care ecosystem, learn to code, build apps, discover and create content and test your ideas.

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Putting clinicians at the heart of the technology they use. Code4Health provides shared learning opportunities to aid in the design of frontline healthcare.

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Code4Health communities bring together people with shared interests in digital health and care. Communities can either be people with a share interest in some specific aspect of digital health and care or geographically based.

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